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Faspa 22
Cold roasted chicken and house cured ham with pickles, cheese, house made spreads, preserves and house made bread.

Charcuterie Full 22  Half 15
Assorted preserved meats with house made mustard, whole wheat crackers and house made bread.

Cheese Full 22  Half 15
Assorted cheeses with poached apples and pickled rhubarb, whole wheat crackers and house made bread.

Baked Ricotta 15
House made ricotta baked until soft, pickled rhubarb, shaved pecans, smoked cane syrup and whole wheat crackers.

Pickles 14     GF
Pickled eggs, vegetables, and olives.

ISA & Aged Cheddar Soup 10
Served with house made bread or whole wheat crackers.

PEG Greens 8    add protein 5    V
Mixed lettuce with fresh tomato, carrot and roasted onion.
Dressed with malt vinegar and dill oil.

Roasted Beet Salad 12    add protein 5
Roasted beets with crisp lettuce, house made ricotta, savory granola and a citrus stout vinaigrette.

PEG Caesar 10    add protein 5
Mixed lettuce with house made Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, and pecorino.


Upgrade to a thick crust – 4. All Flatbreads can be made with Gluten Free dough – 2. Vegan cheese is available for modifications – 2.

Soppressata & Peppers 16
Tomato sauce, soppressata, bell peppers and mozzarella.

Ham & Apple 16
Garlic butter, house cured ham, sliced apple, bocconcini, pickled onions and shaved pecorino.

Margherita 14
Tomato sauce, bocconcini, and fresh basil.

Mushroom 16
Cream sauce, mixed mushrooms, diced bacon, cambozola cheese, and truffle oil.

Bacon & Egg 16
Garlic butter, diced bacon, aged cheddar, and a free run egg.

Roasted Beet 16
Cream sauce, roasted beets, house cured ham, mozzarella, and dill oil.

Three Cheese  15
Tomato sauce, bocconcini, aged cheddar, and pecorino.

Veggie Deluxe 15
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and tomatoes.

The Vegan 16
Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions.

Just For The Kids 8
One topping of your choice. Additional topping – 2.

Large Plates

Served family style with roasted potatoes, root vegetables, house made bread, house made pickles and appropriate sauces. Best shared between 2 to 4 people. All Large Plates are Gluten Free.

Whole Roasted Chicken 55
Citrus and herb brined free run chicken.

House Cured Ham Roast 65
Chili and honey glazed local bone in ham.

Smoked Corned Beef 60
House made, applewood smoked corned beef.

Pan Roasted Arctic Char 60
Lightly cured Arctic char, pan roasted skin on and finished with pecan gremolata.


Espresso Fudge Torte 10    GF
Rich chocolate fudge with a spiced pecan shortbread crust.

Guten Tart  9
Flaky pastry filled with Berliner Weisse curd and topped with powered sugar.

Fruit Platz 8
Mennonite coffee cake.

Stout Chocolate Cake 8    V
Dense chocolate cake with brown sugar glaze.


Bread Sticks 8     V*
Baked to order and served with garlic herb oil or house Caesar. * Vegan if served with garlic herb oil.

Fresh Bread 5    V*
House made and served with garlic butter. *Vegan if served with olive oil.

Olives 3.5    GF/V
Marinated mixture.

Pickled Egg 2.50    GF
Pickled in house.

Pickled Veggies 5    GF/V
Assorted house made pickles.

Pumpkin Seeds 3    GF/V
Spicy mustard seasoning.

GF = Gluten Free. V = Vegan. Additional modifications available upon request. Party of 8+ we include automatic 18% gratuity..