Beer Names

If you’ve been following us on social media the last week you’ll notice we’ve announced our first six beer names. Here is a recap of the names: The ISA has loads of fruit ranging from citrus to tropical. Life Coach ISA has the addition of wheat with a base of… Read More

Where is the beer?

Well we’ve all been patiently waiting for beer and after considerable delays on a few fronts we are hoping to be brewing within a week or two. Some of the brewing ingredients are already on their way. So when we say very soon we really do mean it. “Where is… Read More

What’s going on at PEG?

The soft open It has been a busy first month at PEG Beer Co. We’ve had our doors open to the restaurant for a while now for the soft opening and so many Winnipegers have come out to share dinner and beers with us. If you haven’t been into PEG… Read More

PEG Beer Co. is Opening Soon!

It’s been about two months since we launched our website. A big thank you to those who checked us out online, supported PEG Beer Co. by buying merchandise, and an extra special thanks to those who joined PEG 100. We still have some PEG 100 memberships left, for those interested.… Read More

Launching a brew pub, a blog, and PEG 100

With this first blog post we want to share some exciting news. We are launching The PEG 100 Membership Club. You may purchase this as a gift or for yourself. Upon first use of the Membership Card we will take down contact info and register you in our system. Please… Read More