Exciting times at PEG Beer Co.

Our beer will be available at the brewpub on Tuesday October 11th at 8pm. We will be closed from 2-8pm for a private PEG100 member event starting at 4pm before the Grand Opening Party kicks off.

There are still a couple memberships left for those interested in getting in on the first taste!

For the first week our beers will only be available at PEG Beer Co. and only on our taps. Shortly after you can expect our beer on our own growler station, growler bars, and taps around the city.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us during our soft opening phase and waited so patiently for our beer to be ready. We look forward to joining Barn Hammer Brewing and Torque Brewing as a new craft brewery in Winnipeg in 2016.

Cheers, this time with our own beer!