If you’ve been following us on social media the last week you’ll notice we’ve announced our first six beer names. Here is a recap of the names:


The ISA has loads of fruit ranging from citrus to tropical. Life Coach ISA has the addition of wheat with a base of Centennial hops.


A base of Cascade and Centennial hops, Soundtrack IPA has an intense fruity aroma from the ever changing feature hops.


This Red Rye Pale Ale has Topaz and Chinook hops, which add fruity and piney flavours. The addition of rye gives the beer a smouldering spice Marilyn would be proud of.


The Countess has notes of chocolate and caramel from the roasted malts.


This Berliner Weisse is puckering and refreshing with a low ABV of 4%.


Laser Pyramid Saison radiates fruit and a peppery spice that finishes dry.

We are very excited to have you down to PEG to try our beers. We will let you know through social media (@pegbeerco) when our beers are ready and on tap.