The soft open

It has been a busy first month at PEG Beer Co. We’ve had our doors open to the restaurant for a while now for the soft opening and so many Winnipegers have come out to share dinner and beers with us.

If you haven’t been into PEG for dinner or haven’t been following us on social media you may not know what to expect from us in the next four to six weeks.

The brewery itself is so close to being completed, we’ve had some hiccups outside of our control delaying the brewery. Once the last bit of construction is complete our beer will be brewed by our brewing team that is chomping at the bit to get going. We will be announcing a Grand Opening Party soon for our PEG 100 Members. When the beers are ready to go we will officially open our doors as we move from the soft open phase into becoming a full fledge brew pub.

Whole Roasted Chicken

Chef Epp is finalizing the lunch menu as we speak and we will be changing our hours to include lunch starting next Tuesday, April 26th.

We’ve had a solid reaction to the guest beers we’ve brought in so far and we will keep bringing in our favourites and changing up the beer menu with a few new goodies before our beers are ready.

We’ve also been asked a lot about the PEG beer and the beer names too. We are going to announce the beer names very shortly but if you haven’t heard yet, PEG is going to brew an ISA, Stout, Berliner Weisse, Red Rye IPA, and Saison to start with. Of course that’s just the beer we will start with because we are a brew pub and we will have the opportunity to keep brewing new and different beers.

Hope to see you at the pub soon,

Colin Enquist

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