It’s been about two months since we launched our website. A big thank you to those who checked us out online, supported PEG Beer Co. by buying merchandise, and an extra special thanks to those who joined PEG 100.

We still have some PEG 100 memberships left, for those interested.

Our management crew have been working so hard to help get us open. This crew amazes me every single day with their dedication as they push to our opening goal of the end of the month. We are in the process of our inspections, and if those go well, we should hit our target date.

Once we are approved and have the sign-off for our inspections, our doors will open and then we can begin the beer making process. We will be bringing in some of our favourite beers from fellow craft breweries for you to sip on and you can watch the first batches of PEG Beer being brewed. This “soft opening” phase will be a chance for you to check us out before we really get open – the sneak peak. But don’t fret, our beer will be ready about a week later and we’ll be fully up and running about a month later – when all of our beer will be on tap and growlers will be ready for you to take home.  The Grand Opening Party plans are coming together, with PEG 100 members getting the very first invites.

Thanks for your patience and excitement. We really are looking forward to welcoming you into PEG Beer.

Cheers and see you soon,