With this first blog post we want to share some exciting news. We are launching The PEG 100 Membership Club. You may purchase this as a gift or for yourself. Upon first use of the Membership Card we will take down contact info and register you in our system. Please see below for all the perks of the card and the fine print. We will also have a few surprises for members throughout the year, but what would a surprise be if we told you now? We hope you see the value in this and become part of our inner circle.

The PEG 100 – $150 per year

  • Max: 100 Members
  • 20% off on Member’s food & beverage bills every Tuesday (member only, not entire party).
  • Happy Hour pricing Mon-Thursday from 4pm-6pm – 20% off PEG draft.
  • Members receive early access to exclusive beer releases via the brewery back door.
  • Member Appreciation Party on the 2nd Thursday in November hosted by our brew team, featuring a Members Only Cask Ale, the first round on us, 25% off food, beverage, and merchandise, as well as a free custom growler (beer not included, sorry!).

The fine print:

  • Non-Transferable.
  • Discounts apply to member’s purchases only, not entire party.
  • Start date of the PEG 100 Membership Club will be announced via email and will coincide with our Grand Opening.
  • Membership will be valid for one year, thus if the start date is February 1, 2016 the end date will be January 31, 2017.
  • PEG 100 members will be provided ample notice via email for the opportunity to renew membership for the following year, but if renewal is not completed during this window renewal privileges will be lost.

Purchase PEG 100 and other PEG merch when we launch our online store this Friday, December 4th.

One last thing we want to share with you is a few of our beers we will be launching with. Our team of brewers have been working hard to develop and test recipes. We believe in respectful brewing where we focus on the craft part of craft beer. When we develop a recipe we are not thinking of how this will compete on the shelf with the big breweries. We brew with integrity, passion and pride.

The Beer

Names for these beers are still to be announced (well, to be honest, we have yet to decide on the names – very soon!). We already mentioned on Twitter that we will have a Stout, dry, roasty, not too sweet and not too thick. Let’s save your palate for when we launch our Imperial Stout. Next on our agenda is a Berliner Weiss, and Chef Aron will be offering a syrup to accompany – but rest assured it is tasty on its own. We made some custom changes to our brewhouse to bang out some kettle sours, and we all love sours at PEG, so get ready to pucker up. An ISA with loads of Mosaic hops – our test batch blew me away and in that moment I was so proud of how our brewers collaborated on this recipe. I am such a sucker for this hop, I hope you will love it too. And the last beer I will announce is our Saison – more on the fruity side of our Belgian inspired beers. This is just the beginning, folks. As a brew pub we can really be diverse in what we brew and we have many more beers developed just waiting for us and you to try. I am truly looking forward to pouring you a sample and hearing your feedback.

I will be passing over the blogging duties to our Sales & Events Manager, Colin. I will make the odd appearance here, but Colin will be at the helm.

I am truly humbled by the support PEG has received thus far and I am itching with excitement to welcome you at PEG Beer Co.

Many cheers to you over the holiday season and see you when we open in early 2016!

– Nicole